Hello! I’m jinell!

I still remember the day I decided that I was ready to jump out of my safety net and start creating a life that would align with my personal values (happiness, peace, freedom).


Mostly I decided that because my safety net had torn wide open and I had already hit the ground. But it doesn’t matter what gets you going, it only matters that you do!


 I didn’t know at the time that the life I was building for myself would eventually start to feel like a prison. I didn’t know I would lose everything and have to figure out how to build my life back up, come up with a whole new plan, and even get to know myself, all over again on my own. I didn’t know I was going to keep evolving and growing and that my happiness would look entirely different than what I once thought.


 I have learned that sometimes God gives us something that looks like a curse until we decide to accept it and realize it was actually a gift!


He gave me the gift of being able to start fresh. He gave me the chance to re-define who I was, what I wanted and what I was going to make important for my life. Over the last decade I’ve become so sure of who I am that nothing and no one can change  my mind. I’ve figured out how to control my mindset and beliefs so that I can recognize and stop self sabotage. I have learned that allowing my feminine energy to heal gives me the ability to understand who I am and be proud of it, elevate my self worth and not let anyone diminish it, and develop an unshakeable confidence in my unique self! And I am confident, not only in my ability to achieve my own goals, but also in my ability to help you too!


I have learned that women are the most resilient, adaptive, amazing creatures. And that one of the only things that holds us back is ourselves! And that is exactly why I do what I do!


I am a certified life coach and belief clearing practitioner.  I have years of experience working with mindset, belief and identity empowerment. And I know my God-given gift is encouragement and helping others build themselves back up!




 I guide, teach and work side by side with Women who are ready to break the mold, re-invent themselves, and design a life that will fill them with joy!

Jinell LittleI guide, teach and work side by side with women who are ready to break the mold, Re-invent themselves, and design a life that will fill them with joy!


        Activate your Confidence & Put a Stop to Overwhelm

        Learn the secret of being confidently you.

        Become so sure of who you are and your value that nothing can stop you again!

Let's work together to find your passions and start designing a life you want to live every day!

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